Friday, September 24, 2010
When a man hits rock bottom,
He thinks the devil got’em,
Magnifying his insecurities,
So he can drown in his problems,
Swimming in the sea of solemn,
Until he is washed to the shores iniquity,
Where friends turn to enemies,
Where there’s no liberty,
No sun,
Only darkness, in the dungeon where his soul screams in captivity,
He is his own misery,
Fighting his self for his sanity,
Using profanity,
To numb the blows to his pride,
Too weak to realize that he can rise from his destruction,
Reclaim his dignity,
Flee from further iniquities,
And begin to run; run until he smashes into the arms of God,
So his brokenness can be healed,
So his spirit can be redeemed along with his self esteem,
Ambition and strive,
His will to live, is his honor to give, his life to stay alive
So if there is a next time,
When a man hits rock bottom,
He should know that God’s got’em,
To see him through the storm,
And love him pass his problem.


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