Friday, September 24, 2010
I just want to be,
Not in love, not in a commitment,
Just contentment,

I just want to be,
Not your lover, not your husband,
Just your friend,

I just want to be,
Not your thoughts, not your heartbeat,
But a shoulder if you shall ever need me,

So free me of your demands,
Exempt me of your expectations,
And honor my sincere plea,
To just let me be.

By Jonathan Anu
When a man hits rock bottom,
He thinks the devil got’em,
Magnifying his insecurities,
So he can drown in his problems,
Swimming in the sea of solemn,
Until he is washed to the shores iniquity,
Where friends turn to enemies,
Where there’s no liberty,
No sun,
Only darkness, in the dungeon where his soul screams in captivity,
He is his own misery,
Fighting his self for his sanity,
Using profanity,
To numb the blows to his pride,
Too weak to realize that he can rise from his destruction,
Reclaim his dignity,
Flee from further iniquities,
And begin to run; run until he smashes into the arms of God,
So his brokenness can be healed,
So his spirit can be redeemed along with his self esteem,
Ambition and strive,
His will to live, is his honor to give, his life to stay alive
So if there is a next time,
When a man hits rock bottom,
He should know that God’s got’em,
To see him through the storm,
And love him pass his problem.
I am over capacitated with your lack of care for the quality of human life,
Pensions over people cut the tension with a knife,
This is not a fluke, and I am not a coward by far,
So consider these words as a declaration of war.

No jobs, no insurance, no opportunity, no endurance,
But plenty reassurance,
That help is on the way,
but that’s hard to believe when there are thousands are hungry where I stay,

Where my people are sold dreams and wake up empty handed,
Stranded in a sea of misfortune,
Oppression and extortion,
Praying for the abortion, of your seed of terror,
That you planted in our lives,
That led generations to their demise,
I despise,
Your capitalism,
Your public school system,
And your government assistance is making welfare victims,

Lives are being ruined because of your selfishness and greed,
Cut back on military spending,
And maybe there will be funds to get what we need,
Like better schools and medicine for the ill,
More grants for businesses,
And redevelopment where we live,
And it will, bring more employment,
Start healing the wounds of pain and torment,
From living in day by day trauma,
The drama,
Makes the summer ten times hotter,
And the winter even colder,
No one to help,
No one to even lend a shoulder,
To lean on,

So until then,
We aim to win
I’m busting bullets on the front line with my prophetic pen,
Dropping these verbal bombs because we are tired of being patient,
Invading your camp, exposing your whole operation,
We fighting for liberation,
The elevation of degradation,
Now it’s a dilemma that you’re facing,
Our emancipation or this war declaration.
Wednesday, December 16, 2009
I was born with a thorn in my side,
Tried to mask it with a smile,
But even a smile could hide, the pain inside,
I felt like a part of me had died,
Somebody lied,
They told me that this is the land of opportunity,
Well why they try to influence me,
With things that promise to ruin me,
Demons consistently chasing and pursuing me,
I’m steady fighting them off,
But they keep coming like moths, to a flame,
But by faith I’m sustained,
And they starve,
Because no longer they can feed off my pain,

Thank you Christ the King.
I wonder will she ever 4give me,
Because her heart is as cold as stone,
So I left an apology at the door of her soul,
And found out her soul was gone.

I must admit I was wrong,
2 be gone;
When she needed me the most,
She just wanted 2 be a number in my life line,
But all I wanted was 2 be ghost,
Let no one close,
And eventually fade away 2 the serenity of nowhere,
The care,
That I once manifest spoiled in the belly of my heart,
Due 2 a bite that bleed venom from a sexy snake,
But no matter what it takes,
I vow 2 save her from the artic chill in her chest,
My thoughts weave through my mind and lay empty nests,
Just 2 wonder…

… will she ever 4give me,
Because her heart is as cold as stone,
I left an apology at the door of her soul,
And found out her soul was gone.

I must admit I was soaking in the sea of my own emotions,
And I didn’t realize that she was drowning in it,
Struggling 2 stay afloat…
Longing 2 be a passenger on the boat…
that lead to the bays of my interpersonal circle,
She was dying
She was dying 2 be me friend,
And I left her 2 fend for dear life
Because my life was in a tropical depression,
A state of emergency,
But now with an urgency,
I beg for her forgiveness,
I cry out for her understanding,
Demanding nothing,
But asking for the opportunity 2 heal open wounds,
And yet I wonder…

…will she ever 4give me,
Because her heart is as cold as stone,
I left an apology at the door of her soul,
And found out her soul was gone.
Shaunte' was only 13 when her innocence was taken,
By her step father who didn't bring home the bacon,
Mama tries to block it out,
Convinced her daughter is faking,
But is hunted by echoes of her child's cry,
Flabbergasted by the fact that her baby girl,
So desperately wants to die,
Mama's so afraid of loneliness,
that she constantly tells herself, her daugther's agony is a lie.

So who's going to stop the pain?
When did her life become stained,
Like a picture in a broken frame,
She dares to look in the mirror because of the shame,
Feeling that she's to blame,
Because no one would believe her,
She even stepped inside the church,
So desperately wanting someone to receive her,
But she was rejected and frowned upon as if you was a devilish diva,
Looking for promincuous love,
When all the time she was looking for a huge.

So she sits in the back crying the tears the leak the remaining of her soul,
Her heart so cold, so cold
This is the most tragic story ever told,
And it's sad that it's about a 13 year old,
Our 13 year old,
Our seed,
Our dream that has been defered,
Our hope,
Our product,
Our rose that grew from the concrete,
Our shining light,
Our love,
Our child whose life breathes the breathe of today,
So that tomorrow can live,
So live Shaunte' live.

This is dedicate to every female that has been sexually abused. We love you. We care about you. And we need you to survive.
Visited post your poetry and read poetry.
She is worth more than the dimensions of her frame,
Her soul is the essence of her domain.
She obtains confidence from her husband…
-who knows that she’ll never bring him to shame.

She is grateful for the rising sun,
And wash away her burdens in the drenching rain

She gives him nothing less but the best of her,
Her entirety;
…while the world sees a silhouette of her,
And admires thee.

She is gentle as a dove,
but is wise as a serpent.
She is calm as the sea,
And glow with innocence as a virgin.

She is slow to speak yet quick to listen,
Amongst the meek,
She’s truly a vision,
A child of God,
A wife of submission,
A woman of love,
And a queen of precision.

She is the mother of the future…
And the bride of destiny,
With her one can never fail.
Because she is a queen who wears her crown well.