Wednesday, December 16, 2009
She is worth more than the dimensions of her frame,
Her soul is the essence of her domain.
She obtains confidence from her husband…
-who knows that she’ll never bring him to shame.

She is grateful for the rising sun,
And wash away her burdens in the drenching rain

She gives him nothing less but the best of her,
Her entirety;
…while the world sees a silhouette of her,
And admires thee.

She is gentle as a dove,
but is wise as a serpent.
She is calm as the sea,
And glow with innocence as a virgin.

She is slow to speak yet quick to listen,
Amongst the meek,
She’s truly a vision,
A child of God,
A wife of submission,
A woman of love,
And a queen of precision.

She is the mother of the future…
And the bride of destiny,
With her one can never fail.
Because she is a queen who wears her crown well.


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