Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Shaunte' was only 13 when her innocence was taken,
By her step father who didn't bring home the bacon,
Mama tries to block it out,
Convinced her daughter is faking,
But is hunted by echoes of her child's cry,
Flabbergasted by the fact that her baby girl,
So desperately wants to die,
Mama's so afraid of loneliness,
that she constantly tells herself, her daugther's agony is a lie.

So who's going to stop the pain?
When did her life become stained,
Like a picture in a broken frame,
She dares to look in the mirror because of the shame,
Feeling that she's to blame,
Because no one would believe her,
She even stepped inside the church,
So desperately wanting someone to receive her,
But she was rejected and frowned upon as if you was a devilish diva,
Looking for promincuous love,
When all the time she was looking for a huge.

So she sits in the back crying the tears the leak the remaining of her soul,
Her heart so cold, so cold
This is the most tragic story ever told,
And it's sad that it's about a 13 year old,
Our 13 year old,
Our seed,
Our dream that has been defered,
Our hope,
Our product,
Our rose that grew from the concrete,
Our shining light,
Our love,
Our child whose life breathes the breathe of today,
So that tomorrow can live,
So live Shaunte' live.

This is dedicate to every female that has been sexually abused. We love you. We care about you. And we need you to survive.
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